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  1. hey dude, @Dolphin General lets leave this chat, memo clearly wants more publicity from this controversy. (he makes money off of youtube vids). lets give him the silent treatment
  2. cause not all of us has the time to run an youtube channel like your ass, and you steal scenarios from other creators and then you try to make money off it.
  3. the dude was online 4 mins ago i swear i saw it

  4. i dont think youre that much of a big brain boi to come up with the aoc2moddingtr name? @Kerems2434 did you or memososisi come with the name 'aoc2moddingtr'?
  5. @ivr17is this april fools joke dude come back youre lying youre not dead one does not simply drown in puddle which can not form without rain and how did car not injure you and who owns addonia account now
  6. who is 'addonia'? where did you get this message? VK? if yes send the vk link
  7. can you paste the text here so i can translate and read also big F for him
  8. it is supposed to be like that. i made all of europe that is done til now except for inner part of turkey and north sweden
  9. i cant just place factories on the map to boost ranks of nations, for example france is #2 because of african colonies
  10. so i finished connections, growth rates, and 1936 scenario done. the top ten are 1 USA 2 France 3 German Reich 4 Republic of China 5 Japan 6 Britain 7 USSR 8 Italy 9 Turkey 10 Spain
  11. i couldnt promise that many scenarios for a mod scheduled for release in may, prolly you should make remaining scenarios edit: lemme tell you guys im not even done with the map let alone the scenarios
  12. also dude i have the map that i can give you dm me again and listen, do the islands properly, you can overlap points to make invisible, dont think that placing a point on an area with another point isnt impossible
  13. pretty sure turkey isn't in africa in 1919 and 1922.
  14. another one bites the dust
  15. hit me up on discord i also have a meiou and taxes map done upto europe
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