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  1. he just stopped talking to me at point, i thought he didnt care anymore about it, now he is modder in AoC2ModdingTR
  2. honestly i hate my map now and feel that i fucked up europe too badly and that was the sole reason for me to start on remastered edition
  3. send me map i'll do in remastered edition
  4. my friend @Hacktorwas making it but I don't know what happened to the map after
  5. man i really do hope i get to play such great scenarios in my map mod unfortunately i have to make many parts of it a request: make a 1890 scenario or a 1757 scenario
  6. "CHANGABLE OF LEADERS WITH EVENTS (WITH V2.0 (4TH UPDATE)) We negotiated with Addon+ Creator to use the "Changing leaders with events" (Created by Russian community) feature for Conquer's II and we got positive answers. In Conquerors v1.5 (3rd Update) there is a great possiblity that we will include elections, death of leaders, new leaders taking over etc. features will be added. Keep waiting.I thank the Russian Community for sharing this feature with us" -Kerem yilmaz I think that he had said 'we will include' and he changed the phrasing to 'great possibility that we will i
  7. 8198 Provinces done Every river in the Old World, Caribbean and Oceania is aligned to provinces now Abuzou and Dead Sea fixed Argentina borders are already planned according to administrative divisions
  8. why did you hide original topic i wanna DOWNLOAD it
  9. actually man, one day i used an online java decompiler to generate source code of this.... and failed to edit anything... so this is useless if you dont have good understanding of java
  10. thanx hetman for the return
  11. actually it was prolly vaux who was making provinces for it but kerem removed him from aoc2moddingtr due to connections with ulutas, and i have to make remastered edition and world project(a meiou and taxes mod, i post it on discord) so i cant help on world+
  12. 1919 ceded provinces are a bit less wacky in the mod (see 1700s to 1800s ottoman empire) sarra is correct and i made abuzou as a straight line, so i'll fix that, i will not add dscharabub o, kufra is too straight so it will be bit smooth because i need to keep eu4 wasteland borders. also, i added dead sea, just a bit oversized. i'll fix.
  13. hiii, are you sure uk is in proper place? hoi4 and eu4 uk are bit differently placed coz paradox wanted to fit in more provs in english channel in hoi4
  14. 8019 Provinces done Danube, Dniester, Dnieper, Rhine, Don river borders fixed
  15. dude are you writing sentences in different messages to get this to hot, spamming isnt allowed
  16. you are using wrong dude i gave you the e3 mod map i dont wanna restart with you on this mod for the 4th time bruh
  17. anyway i forgot to replace loading screen texts from project alpha loading texts so it says project alpha by aoc2moddingtr in the loading screen 🤣
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