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  1. We shared the situation for discord members, but let's share it here: Why is the mod still not out even though the release date has passed? and why the mod is developing slowly: First we apologize for the slow development process of the scenario. but there are more than 50 events on average in a year. So there will be close to 1000 events in the scenario. it takes a long time to write them, and because it takes so long it gets very tedious. And when our private life gets involved (school illness etc.) the mod is being developed slowly Also : We gave up on the conquerors mod because Ke
  2. Hello there, We are developing a mod and we couldn't make a background for the mod Can we use your backround? If we can use it : what conditions are required to use it?
  3. No, there are no ridiculous, unreal events like "Germany attacked poland". But you can make a different decision on Actual Events than the decision made by the Administration at that time.
  4. Thanks :) , Although it is very tiring and long to make the project, we try to continue it, and about the events; we summarize the event in a short language without boring the player
  5. MOD STILL IN DEVELOPMENT Hi ! Iam great war with 200 events scenario producer beag_5 Me and my team took a break from modding due to a few negative situations that happened to us. But now we started modding for aoh2 again. Our first mod is Millenium-Dawn Modern Day for Conquerors. Features of Millenium-Dawn Modern Day Mod : -So many Events With Pictures for now : 2000: done 2001: done 2002: still in development 2003 to 2021 : still in development contains Research on other years continues. -New Leaders With Pictures beta download link When we
  6. Guys V2.5 (Final Version) Has Been The Relased ! Check New Donload Link ! Features of v2.5 : -New 12 event and total events number is : 200 -New 24 leader and now total leader number is 45 (and all leaders have pictures)
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