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  1. I have been away for 2 months and wanted to continue on my map i have been working on but i wanted to start from scratch but i can't get my new provinces to work, it just keep crashing. First i tried to just remove old provinces and made the same amount of provinces before but it crashes (btw my old provinces works so its not the map or anything) No matter what i do it crashes, is there a new map creator? Is there an update messing up the map creator? If i do the same thing i used to do why is it not working?
  2. Also after loading for like 10 min nothing happen, what are the rules with provinces? Do Everything have to have an unique color or can i have like all water on the map the same color for the time being and is there a color? What counts as a blob? Because the map am trying to make i made mountains black as i will make them unpassable.
  3. I guess it has to be unique colors for each "province" for it to work or just so not the same color touch each other?
  4. Ohhhh so it was their the names goes ^^ Thanks
  5. Im trying to create nations but i don't know how the name system work. If i create a nation called like "testitesti" and want the tag to be "tes" the name only comes out as "tes". I look how other nations files are like holy roman empire is "holy" yet they comes out as "Holy Roman Empire" but it does not work the same way for me. The best way i can get is the wiki page name right.
  6. Yes every thing works now =D, except for province 0 and 1 being GIANT for some reason while they other being fine even if i making sure with the ocean continent thing
  7. Wait what? But why didnt the game give them to me when i repaired the game? I did have them in template folder before i clicked on the army thing and after i deleted my map folder and repaired it they never showed up so i thought "Maybe Lukasz made an update or something" Well i feel silly now
  8. Sure, im willing to do almost every thing to get it to work now. Azeroth.rar
  9. Sorry for not quote 😃 Age_of_Civilizations
  10. Or maybe you meant this one Age_of_Civilizations
  11. Sure here, just say if you need anything else config.json Age_of_Civilizations names regions
  12. I have 2 new fresh provinces and it crashes. I have tested with no scenarios and with scenarios, no luck 😐
  13. It still crashes, i have tested to remove the new provinces i made since the last time i did a test but now my old provinces that did work earlier now also crash the game. I also tested i set the NumberOfProvinces: to NumberOfProvinces: 1, with just one province but still it crashes, I have tested to do as you wrote but still crashes. I wish their was a crash log or something so i could see or link it.
  14. My game always crash now after i accidentally clicked army position editor and on a province. Now i can't open the game if my Map is "pluged" in. Edit: Now it just crash when i try to load in my world
  15. I have been creating my map and when i wanted to check if everything is okey it always crash now after i went in to army position editor and just clicked on a random province. I have repaired and that didnt work, i tried to look in the files for something to edit and find nothing. What shall i do? Edit: Now it just crash when i try to load in my world
  16. When i check to see how my provinces work in game they all are cluttered around the area, what do i do wrong?
  17. This is my World of Warcraft project i have been working on and is still is world design phase. Im putting it up now for ideas and suggestions on how the map should be designed. I tried to scale the citys down but Stormwind remain the huge province(or many small provinces). Ps: i don't like pandaria so im not thinkng of adding it.
  18. Ahhh now that helps =). But i still have some problem adding provinces in my new map. I seems to have a problem doing it.
  19. Can you remove cities? Im making a fantasy map from scratch and i removed the provinces but all the old cities still remain. How do i remove them. I have some problem understanding the editor video. Edit: Okej, i moved the cities files to a new folder so that worked but how can i create new cities later and how do i make my new map able in the game? do i just put them in a "name of world" map inside the map folders or?
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