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  1. You're either too retarded, too young, or too retarded AND young to be using the internet.
  2. LOL then why even bother replying to people with these asinine comments you fucking mongoloid?
  3. Wow! You must be some kind of genius to figure that one out. My game is broken, because of the autosave bug, despite the fact that I turn autosave off it still happens. You provide no help whatsoever and should probably consider suicide for your retarded replies.
  5. You are literally the worst kind of person.
  6. I can't tell if you're joking or just stupid.
  7. Outstanding post, Turkishmapping, truly a marvel to behold.
  8. I agree with Syzygy. I can hold off on playing for a while as I have other games I can play, but being left in the dark but not even an "I am aware of the bug and am working on it" mention from the dev really puts me off.
  9. Could it have something to do with not enough RAM being used or too much being used? I've noticed games with turns upwards of a couple hundred will start using up 3-4 gigs of RAM or more and will often freeze up for a few seconds on a civ while the turns are being processed. I tested to see if the autosave bug would occur if I didn't manually end my turn, and 'unpaused' the game. After it tries to save it tells me that not enough RAM was allocated and that the save failed, despite having plenty of RAM to spare (16 gigs) edit: I just checked the store page recommended RAM usage and it says the recommended amount of RAM should be 2 gigs, so why is it going to 4 and above?
  10. I have not played in Random mode, only the game mode where you can select the civ, but I don't think that would be very relevant.
  11. I can't seem to find what is causing it. It happens regardless of if you mess with the autosave intervals or not. I literally cannot play this game because of this bug.
  12. OrangeBlueHue

    Autosave Bug

    There is a pretty bad bug regarding autosaves. Every so often, after an autosave is complete, the game will continuously do autosaves after every single turn. The game doesn't actually save though, and even if you manually save, the game will lose data up until the previous save, before the autosave glitch occurs. Example: Autosave complete (turn 100), Autosave complete (turn 200), Autosave bug occurs (turn 201). The game will only have the game saved at turn 100, not 200, losing an incredible amount of time if you happen to change your autosave intervals to be higher.
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