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  1. Hi Everybody ! Today is the release of MY SCENARIO PACK 2 ! 2 New scenarios, Recolonization, and Korean War ! FILE BELOW ! My Scenario Pack 2.zip
  2. Hello ! Sorry for the late of the My Scenario Pack, because there are some issues on making those scenarios, so i will also inserted about 2 more scenarios, and one of them are a real life scenario, on the other side, there is a fictional scenario, so enjoy ! (I mean later)

  3. My Best country i ever done is England in 1400 scenario ( i renamed it to British Empire) I colonize canada, alaska, australia, indonesia, almost entire africa, papua new guinea, malaysia, some part of india and brazil
  4. Development Version 2.0 Will be released soon ! I planned on early September
  5. News ! Im starting work with this scenario, and its will be named by you guys ! So start commenting ! -Communist Indonesia-
  6. There is London in Canada, and there is also East London in South Africa, and still other londons around the world. But yeah, Google Translator is not translating the real word
  7. why did u place Indonesia as Axis ? they are neutrals
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