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  1. I have tried 3 different maps.
  2. I am telling you I did everything exactly as it said.
  3. I know. I did everything in the tutorial I linked.
  4. Hi, you download alot of maps for your videos, right? Can you tell me or make a tutorial on your channel about how to download maps?
  5. Can someone help me please
  6. But not based on ideology. Such as a communist revolution, but it remains the same country. Also, religion isn't in the game. I know it is in the files, I asked what the developer had said.
  7. Like in other grand strategy games, could there be civil wars based on ideology? Also, could there be different ideologies for democracies? Will religions ever make it to the game? Has the dev said anything about religion?
  8. I did everything that this tutorial showed
  9. I did all of this, and it did not work.
  10. I made a custom civ, and then all of a sudden all of them were gone. They are all in the folder still, but don't appear in the civilization menu.
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