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  1. I need help. How to change font in game?
  2. Additional ideologies such as Jewish Commune, Islamism, National Bolshevikism and more will appear as the icing on the cake!
  3. Some new portraits: Janos Ader Andrzej Duda Alexander Lukashenko Vladimir Putin Wilhelm II Hohenzollern
  4. Bad news. The map editor has stopped working, so we have to start over. This time we will make a better background for the map
  5. I understand, but it may take a LONG time.
  6. Hi, the army in this game could look a little different, what if it was divided into types? For example: -Cavalry -Insurgents (In addition, the possibility of choosing as the country which we want to start an uprising and regain independence.) -Light Inflatry -Horse Riding Charge -Line Inflantry -Winged Hussars -Uhlans -Dragoon Regiment -Panzer Division -Riflemen E.t.c.
  7. Good luck! I know it will be a good mod
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