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  1. To jest w fazie tworzenia. Pojawi się w tym roku jeszcze. Póki co jest dostępne tylko dla 2 osób.
  2. Question: Answer: It predicts there will be an Android version, but it will most likely have high hardware requirements. As for computers and laptops, they will be much lower Other: We need your help. Send some Reichkommissariats flag.
  3. PATCH 21 Patch includes: -New map background -New leaders -New civilizations -New UI -New portraits and more! have a nice day btw
  4. PATCH 20.91 "Forever Together" Hi! This patch, we decided to slightly change the interface and the impact of events on the game. This patch includes: -Little bit of loading screen texts -New ideas for british and polish events. -Stronger Poland only on 1939/Blitzkrieg scenario (10% chance to stop Blitzkrieg) -New british puppets And more have a nice day btw
  5. PATCH 20.90 "Rework for Yugoslavia" Hello! In the game, Yugoslavia needed to change, among other things, flags and borders. It will also affect playing with Yugoslavia in several different scenarios in which it appears. So to the point, what does the patch add ?: - New flag for Yugoslavia: -New Prince Paul portrait -Additional government type - Anarcho-Commune -New ideas for Yugoslavian events -"Slavic Dream" scenario (1918) -New civilization: Yugoslavian Partisans (tag:yugopar) -New overlays for flag editor and more ;) Have a nice day btw
  6. Not yet available, it's still in the early development phase.
  7. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfvAi3a_51yf__tuJ3Kpcl4qKLvaM0GZl4vjlRZbvQxNC96Eg/viewform
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