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  1. idk why but map editor wont run this big images i remember that i tried a map of italy with 9000 height
  2. Well i did some events for USSR in my alt-scenario then i did some too for turkey and decided to try them USSR events worked when i was playing USSR, Turkish ones did too but when i played turkey Turkish ones worked but USSR ones didnt
  3. bence de knk gel senle moğolca konuşalım da rahatlasın pezevenk
  4. Really man fuck off f-u-c-k o-f-f Racist "joke"s are not nice
  5. Man really fuck off, you are being rude and unpolite You used mongol as an insult
  6. Get yourself an original idea weirdo This mod will be a good mod Simon's mod's provinces werent good, ui was bad this mod has potential Also what idea do you have then, because you need a good original idea to insult their work If you have a good original idea, you dont still have the right to insult them but what idea do you have i wonder really
  7. cant you just put a drive link?
  8. OK, I dont want you to wait more for the beta so i will release it Without 4 Scenarios Promised Without full Ideologies Not that cool Background
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