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  1. I am thinking a discord group for scenarists, are you interested? Vaux #9916 is my discord id

    1. Dolphin General

      Dolphin General

      idk if I'm interested, sorry. 

  2. https://imgur.com/a/SBveHGA Countries with planned content in 1.0 and their borders
  3. vauxum ulutas nadir giriyor hesaba %99 ben oluyorum
  4. Project Alpha eyaletleri bunlar ama sen bilirsin
  5. Excuse me but what the heck is Thousand Day? Thousand Week Reich is because you know one year is 52 weeks and if you divide thousand by 52 you get something like 20 when did Hitler rise to power? 1933 when is TWR 1952. 1952-1933=19 right? Good work you done but name is a bit bad
  6. hey man i already did an eu4 map if you want to do it as a mod together Vaux #9916 is my discord

    1. Mka


      kanka türküm, istek attım adım İmprassive

  7. Büyük Ortadoğu Haritası eski ve bölgesel bir mod yeniden bir ortadoğu haritası yapılması ne kopya olur ne çalma
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