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  1. They will change, according to the path the majors take
  2. Yeah! I'm planning on doing that(maybe after the currently going conflict)
  3. Oh btw, I'm open to suggestions!
  4. Yeah! Would love that! Btw for perms for the 1159 ui. So, that is sorted... But background... Yeah. I think that it should be a dark blue tone. Not as dark as in TNO, so it is still easy on the eyes, but modern enough looking. Gimme your discord and I'll invite you to the dev server
  5. This is the Modern Day mod.. I don't think that I really need to explain much here. Features: Brand new system on Spheres of Influences! Detailed Afghan and Syrian Civil Wars! Full Coronavirus events! Well balanced economy and military sizes and realistic battles. No more of major country completely annexing a smaller country in a war! New and different Government types that realistically represent the state of the particular country! For eg. Russia's massive standing army but lack of a large economy. Which means that the current army is good but in the future,
  6. Umm.. Do you know how to?
  7. How do you plan on 'Improving the HRE?'
  8. Hello, can I use this pack in my mod?
  9. i have added
  10. Tommorow Beta 1.0 will be released
  11. Thanks Thanks
  12. Balkan wars event is done. It took me 2 hours to figure out the peace deal so no bugs would interfere.
  13. Cores are done and the map is ok because events dont work well with detailed maps.
  14. There is one way. Use zoom or some other video calling service, share youre screen(share aoh2) and give them access to your screen so the other people can access the mouse. This way give screen access to multiple people and it will work
  15. Work in progress
  16. Edit New background
  17. Chinese civil war is done. Italy diplomacy events done
  18. Welcome to WW1.... The aoc2 game dosent even have a scenario for one of the most interesting time periods in the history of the world. I have fixed that. It will have historical and non-historical event trees. Join discord to get more info_ https://discord.gg/eba2D8dynE Updates in Beta 1.0 1. Complete events till 1916- 80% Major Events done 2. Background- Done 3.Cores- Done 4.Add realistic population, economy Done 5.Remove rebellions- Done Updates for Beta 1.1 1. Decision Menu is here. Want more detailed gameplay? Look no more! Decisio
  19. Hi, I am planning on making a WW1 mod with events, can i use your scenario? We can talk in Discord. Tell me your discord name if you are interested.Edit- Ill join ur discord
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