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  1. Когда мод мне скоро в школу
  2. А можно скриншоты данного мода?
  3. Мод хороший будет ли сценарии Великой войны и революции в России?
  4. Это потрясающий мод жду релиза.
  5. Access denied. Mod still under development?
  6. Vigelm

    Age of Ice (2021)

    Vous pouvez ajouter la formation de la civilisation et le changement des élections des dirigeants (j'écris de Russie)
  7. Hi, I would like to know which way. Mod for Formation of Civilization 2.0

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    2. Vigelm


      no, I meant the mini-mod for addon 2.0 that you posted, I would like to know how to install it


    3. CopenhaguenLink


      Oh, its not for addon 2.0 you can play it in the normal game. You have to put the folders in the game folder with the same name

    4. Vigelm


      thanks for the answer


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