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  1. Hello everyone! This is the War of the Worlds mod for Age of Civilizations 2! Lore: In 1900, the Martians started the invasion of Earth, lauching the Tripods inside of capsules to our planet, first landing in the United Kingdom, after the first days of the invasion, more capsules started to land on Planet Earth, humanity, under attack by an galatic enemy, form a defense block to defend Mother Earth from the Martians, it's a war against another planet, fighiting giant vaporizing Tripods with Bolt Action Rifles and Artilleries, no tanks or airplanes, will humanity survive and defea
  2. I do not know if the nations that already exist inside the game have the name affected because of my language (which is Portuguese), but I will work on a Russian version soon
  3. This is a KaiserReich Scenario based on the HOI4 mod, many innacuracies can be found, such as wrong flags and borders, because AoC2 and HOI4 are totally diferent The mod includes -Factions (Entente, Mitteleuropa and the Third Internationale) 101 Playable nations I'm looking forward on making more updates to make the mod better so if theres anything wrong just tell me HOW TO DOWNLOAD -Extract the files -Open AoC2 local files and go to maps > Earth > Scenarios -Paste the map folder in the Scenarios and vóila Download link: https://dr
  4. this is not the same kaiserreich that we all know but its really nice
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