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  2. hi, can you tell how to adjust things in pc version jar file

    1. Lipark Japanese modder

      Lipark Japanese modder

      you can do it by any java compliler

      and you can decompile the class file

    2. Magolor


      Have you succeeded?

  3. EaW: p 1.2 Winter Update (Zebrica and Balefire Blues) New: + Zebrica + New map Balefire blues + Map from the previous version is now called EAW Original + New landscapes + Added unique terrain for Barvard + New Ideologies: Syndicalism, NatSoc, Necromancy + Special ideologies for Balefire Blues + Countries + KWE received new flags + New era + Now in the south of equs new islands Fixes: -More contacts of provinces -Now there will be no colon on boot -Now Equus, Griffonia, Zebrica are marked with the names of continents (Previously, they were Europe and Asia) -For the ne
  4. Товарищ,революция скоро настигнет тебя,хотя и в другой форме,Коммунизм победит! И я пишу это на языке революции
  5. Твоё право так считать, моё мнение не изменилось. Мне интересно как ты будешь это переводить)
  6. On android I did it through mt manager on a pc, I decompiled the code that is hoped in exe and jar files, changed the values and compiled the code, inserted what happened in the jar and exe files
  7. Equestria at war 1.1 Equestria at War mod, the purpose of which is to port the original Equestria at War mod with HOI4 At the moment, the following are completely ready: -map, -countries, -music, -ideologies, -scenarios. -Formable civilizations -Inteface -English language -Russian language -Cities -possible to reduce aggressive AI to 0 on pc -fonts (few options) Download 1 Download 2 Android Version Download 1 Download 2 You can also follow the development of the mod in my VK group Scree
  8. Hello! I am doing Equestria at war port. At the moment, the following are completely ready: -map, -countries, -music, -ideologies, -scenarios. -Formable civilizations -Inteface I also made it possible to reduce the aggressive ai to 0, and increased the maximum tech points on pc Now I'm translating the mod into English and making cities The mod is already on android and pc, but only in Russian in my vk gro
  9. This is a map of terraformed Mars. 2963 provinces Download
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