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    Anton Egorov reacted to otso-greatest in Grosser Kaiser - first half of the 20th century mod.   
    Grosser Kaiser - is a modification designed to acquaint the player with an extremely interesting time period in human history - 1900-1950 years.
    what's new the modification adds:
    - About 30 new scenarios, starting in 1900 (the height of the war with Boers in Africa) and ending in 1949 - the beginning of the conflict in the duopolar world of the United States and the Soviet Union. 
    - Several backgrounds to choose from (PC version), the main of which is the dark background of the map, which is a mixture of the original background and the satellite one.
    ~ 170 new provinces, adding historicity to the borders in the game and changing the experience from the game for the better.
    - A few events in the scenarios of the Second World War (1936), the Boer War (1900), the Spanish Civil War (1936), the beginning of the Cold War (1949).
    - 15 ideologies.
    - Interface in dark colors to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the era.
    - Music taken from HoI IV.
    - More than 300 new rulers for states in different eras - from Bukhara Khan in 1900 to Kim Il Sung in 1949.
    - Changed buildings in accordance with the surroundings.
    - At the moment, there is only the Russian language, however, in the 1.2 update, English will also appear.
    - And much more - you can see it yourself during the game.
    All information in group.

    Link to 1.1 
    PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D5-UlmQUwFEUxByYuKlxob27d0JLYJHj/view
    Android: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AKAaDgtBL5Q3EPnkGWlR9gpaWL4kEBbz/view
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    Anton Egorov reacted to ivr17 in Addon 2.0 • Age of History II   
    Developement progress: vse normalno
    Addon - is a mod that develops the idea of original game many times, without changing its basic principle.
    ~60 new detalized historical scenarios for each period of human statehood; Sattelite map to choose from; A huge number of new formable states; A large number of new provinces (Including Antarctica); Many new cities; Over 1000 new states; 7 new harmoniously fitting types of goverments; New aesthetic fonts; Russian and English language support; Events; Other stuff. More news and information in our group
    Full release is planned in second half of 2021 year

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    Anton Egorov reacted to Reich in Conquerors v1.5.1 "Conquerors of the New Age" / DOWNLOAD NOW!   
    did not finish the world+ and already running to do another mod
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