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  1. @Mertovic I am currently working on a map with geographic features, however, that is a good idea, and I could make edits to the map that could be like that! I have never played HOI4, but I have watched videos and played EU4, so I can try to buy the game so I can get an idea of that. Good question! Sorry for my late response!
  2. Good Idea! I don't really get where the flag idea came from.
  3. These are all really well made! However, it would be really hard conquering all of those nations so fast!
  4. A couple of people have asked me how many provinces the map will have, and that is something I forgot to mention. It is going to be a HUGE map. I am talking 10,000-20,000 provinces, and probably more.
  5. Hello! My name is Gashole the Great and I have been in the modding community for a long time! I am working on a mod called Fuhrerreich! Fuhrerreich is a mod mostly based on a scenario where Germany wins world war 2, and you can build up Brandenburg or Prussia to become the greater German Reich. If you wish to be the other side, you can play as a country in the allies, like america, and defeat the Nazis to secure peace in Europe. The current development stage is working on the map! If you wish to help in development, please go to our discord, which is https://discord.gg/tvszJ6A. See you there!
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