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  1. Whaales


    On the 1440 scenario, mind you.
  2. Whaales

    My game is bug

    Haha, I tried installing it on my laptop(only computer at my home, still is) but only thing preventing it from playing is that I have half the VRAM needed for the game to work lol. So, I’m an iOS player, but would get the game on PC as well when I can, because, y’know, customizability and being able to use a real keyboard instead of the in-game one.
  3. You have to request provinces under 65% stability, and you need about 100k for each province.
  4. It’s normal, the game is very buggy since it was developed entirely by one person. You have to get used to all the bugs to keep getting enjoyment from the game.
  5. Hello, I’m attempting to make an automated peace after a country gets certain provinces from another, but it’s apparent that I cannot use the straightforward trigger for that since it’s broken. Can somebody help me do the same without the “occupy province” trigger? I’ve been looking for help on Reddit for a day now, but to no avail. If it helps, I am on iOS.
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