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  1. He was last seen 21 april, why you think that update is coming
  2. There is no such problem if you play realistically and don't annex big countries etc
  3. mod is supposed to be more realistic, so if you annex some big country its not the mod problem but your gameplay style, capturing capital is not necessary cause when country is weak, people are rioting and stuff its logical that they would give up
  4. lol i just reinstalled chrome on phone and turn it off and on again (like really turn off not just, ya know) and it works normally
  5. no news from Amur in a long time 🤔
  6. it is about europe, and its hard to crop map without it looking weird
  7. mostly on war fatigue and i think also happiness, but also the amount of provinces they lost so if ur enemy fight another country u might take it over by taking one province if they are really exhausted
  8. the capital of Poland in 1350 or something is in Oświęcim (which is Auschwitz) Instead of Cracov
  9. I just remembered that i have suggested to make post apocalyptic scenario where south america and africa survives and i just realized that i said to make america survive in europe mod lmao
  10. (commenting so that it will go into activity and someone will help here)
  11. would be fun if our vassals never denie our peace offers
  12. Btw i found another, fightining big nations usually end up like that lol (next to Stalingrad i think)
  13. Found another connection (umm bug? glitch? idk how to call it)
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