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  1. I thought more about a boost for province defense etc. I also have a few suggestions to you that you could include in next update 1. Make forming civilization possible if your vassal is in included provinces, it could annex them, whole country or just create the new country without those, might also work with allies, that those provinces are not required if your allie has it 2. Make forming civilizations less complicated, by that i mean delete the unnecessary provinces with nothing important in them and leave only the most important like big cities, or a region if thats what its
  2. Even satan decided to take a look at this mod
  3. I think the new function like fortify that would give boost on one province until they move or few turns is interesting, also the bridges, that would require you add new type of connection between provinces that require you to build a bridge on both of them (or something like that) The rest is too weird in my opinion but the one i mentioned are interesting and i know you are capable of doing that as you are very good at coding, also i have a question, what happened to the migrate option that allowed to move population, that was a great idea, could be used to transport people from certain
  4. Bro why the hell you need this music so much 🤨, wait until next update, same music every time i open game is not even nice to hear as it gets too monotonous, just play something in background if you really cant play without music
  5. Not a scenario, in the game in general, the population now is growing too fast if you invest into it, just 45 points into growth and maybe few farms and you go from 9 milion to 15 milions in really few turns, farms or growth needs to be nerfed, as Poland i went from 1.7 milion to 330 milions while russia went from 10 to only 20. You could nerf growth to change less and farms to increase it less but lower the cost too maybe so its still okay And i would buff workshop tho as now it does basically nothing
  6. Btw if economy is 150 it cant get higher, this error came back again. And when i try to release vassal (select a nation) game crashes when i type in the name or sometimes just when i select first letter
  7. Bro, go and send him private message, and stop spamming here, we r not here to read your discord server problems
  8. And also would be really great to have new scenarios in the next update, now we have to play on scenarios we played since beggining
  9. The population is now truly overpowered, you just need to build farms and give points into population growth, because of the new income bonus from tax it just gives you a lot of money and a lot of growth, 330mln people as Poland while russia and Germany have 20mln, you should nerf the farms i think, and also boost the workshop as it is not worth building it, it gives very little money bonus, but still a great update, just needs those small fixes like names etc.
  10. You have winrar? You can send me screenshot in private message, i can download it myself today to show you where it should be if you want
  11. Can you show the screenshot? It might be in some folder
  12. Well this mod you just get on screen (or to a empty folder) and with winrar you unpack it, then just you can play it, dont unpack it into steams aoh2 folder cause capitulation etc wont work because it is not a mechanic that was originally in game, also there is only russian language for commands creating vassals etc. Also investing in farms and goods is now very op, 125 milion population as Poland while russia have 20 mil lol
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