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  1. i dont have bad pc lol, i just told you that more provinces = more things to load which is obvious that will slow down the loading time
  2. the game will work pretty slow with that much provinces, you could make only europe etc maps by makeing asia etc wasteland, it will make game work faster etc. Also you could make 1918/19 map of only europe and stuff, cuz if there will be only a few scenarios i dont know if people will actually download it, i could tell ya a few maps i think or something
  3. Damn, i also like when the borders can be realistic so its not gut, btw you are making maps, right? liek ww2 etc? cuz i could tell some ages and maps that could be added
  4. bruh those big big siberian provinces are the same irl, its just big place of nothing, its like saying to putin to call every 50km by other title just cause lol
  5. Oh god Russia, maybe do only Europe provinces for Russia cuz Siberia is pretty uselless
  6. But even when you balance economy etc, those countries will have potential to grow economy and stuff faster, you should add provinces to every country i think
  7. Wont it make some countries to strong?
  8. ah okay, btw if ottoman empire won, why it didnt get more land and stuff for example in europe?
  9. I created account here just bcuz this post lol, if ya guys still work on it ill recommend doing scenarios of 1918 (with Poland and no puppets like ukraine is puppet of Austria etc.) and 1950, cause those two are fun to play but i rarely see 1918 so just sayin, anyway, good work bro
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