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  1. u expect to colonize and find Berlin? Colonizing is to make country bigger, or grow faster in economy etc. if u find new land there is nothing, u cant expect to walk into land noone live in and expect economy and people lol
  2. When are you going to release the next update of this mod? You think in this month or more possibly in February?
  3. I have an Idea: after thinking i realized i dont lol but the mod/scenario sounds very good, good luck bro
  4. u cheat every turn in game or wtf? its so big problem?
  5. Any scenario after ww2 - Grodno is not Polish (next to Lithuania)
  6. Yo i had to search foe mod without remembering title, will you release it before February?
  7. I dont play much aoc2 rn but when i play and find anything i write here, i play mostly in europe so i dont report any bugs from other continents
  8. i know, i just write here any mistake i find to help you fix everything faster
  9. 1566 scenario, Netherlands doesnt have the small islands next to it
  10. Instead of counting 3 2 1 for new year i will count 72 71 70 for the mod to come out
  11. Btw you should make economy or population low so bot wont have 100k army after 30 turns lol, its better to fight even 100 vs 100 than 100k vs 20k
  12. yeah that why im asking if a month is enough, i know thats a lot of work to do
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