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  1. I love that he returns after death with just dobryj den here is new scenario lmao
  2. I play games like this cause i like changing borders for example, so i like when there is more provinces, also game isnt perfect and it needs some changes, the most realistick mod is Bloody Europe (modded version) so i choose it, a few improvements and this mod could be literally Aoh3
  3. never fight someone on just insults, its just pointless, xjento is kid or troll so it didnt make sense to argue with him about literally nothing
  4. my profile is that interesting that Łukasz came here


  5. If its possible you should try making bots creating less army, if civilization have much economy (like 1 000 000 and 40 province) it has like 400k army just holding border and if you attack it, it will recruit another 400k which at least for me is just not that fun to fight against
  6. That is good anyway, you could just write in title of scenario how many or if there is any events so its easier to tell, you could also do few alternative scenario like kaiserreich or something, but i think you wsnt it historically accurate only
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