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  1. Is the mod on that site and the future updates in english too?
  2. first Imagine assimilating to 30% in less than 50 years irl. Mod is supossed to be realistic so it is well done in my opinion
  3. I believe its all already in game, only zaolzie was missing to make it correct
  4. I love the background of this mod, and the conce[t, good luck btw. i suggest adding this province to make partition of Czechoslovakia more accurate, the Zaolzie that Poland took
  5. because its the most realistic one, and thats what im looking for
  6. Pobrałeś jakieś mody wcześnej/masz pobrany? Jeśli tak to jakie? i czy pc czy telefon?
  7. bloody europe 2 (from guy named trans) conquerors 1.5 and world war 2 mod i dont know title. there are probably more tho
  8. there are aoc2 mods that make 0 agression possible
  9. I hope you wont stop and leave this mod, good luck
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