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  1. I have updated it however, not sure it run, it's not same map
  2. and i come back germans tryna flex

    1. Dulmassia


      I am a bit confuse

  3. Make a save after West Germany is formed.
  4. I am interested by equestria
  5. mod link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WJbRviLfWNCMlikm4RkhdXcvIpBhHHfe based on alternate trees from HOI4 pictures:
  6. mmmh, china and India get more rebels groups also, there is few fixes to do.
  7. Well, finally, I will begin it but this will be hard if anyone want to help me, tell me
  8. When I will get enought time, I will begin this map, however, I have a formation from my college to do between the 15 april and 5 july so I will be very busy. furthermore, I will only free after the 7 april
  9. Yes, but I think I will do it as collab because I have too many job
  10. Well, this is the list of the scenarios with pictures:
  11. Dulmassia

    MOAR provinces mod

    Well done, it seem you take a long time to do this
  12. A new mod I have created based on WW1 with Napoleon won link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ql1d1kk5l82cgl1/WW1-Nopolon.rar?dl=0 I dislike it but I tried my best ~ Resume scenario: As you can see, Napoleon won the napoleitic wars and create a french empire but most of countries want their homeland and destroy France. Napoleon IV is at power.
  13. It's really a strange idea, very long and hard, but can be cool
  14. It's an awesome mod. I try my best to work on novoepangea but it's hard and I am busy with studies.
  15. It's strange, do you have put the file in the the map earth2?
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