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    Will be updated
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    Hello You liked WW1 ? Now I did "What if Bonapartists loose WW1?". Resume: Great Britain and Germany make an alliance and won WW1 against French Empire. Most of his allies keep relations with France like Hungary, Turkey or even China. UK is now the most powerful country in the world with Germany and Russia. But now, these countries must face civil wars and independance wars. Mod link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B8WVHN21HkNar2iWnpXTPMZFQrdXL_DR/view?usp=sharing pictures:
  3. it seem the page is inactive
  4. If you need help, tell me
  5. Here is the mod: https://www.dropbox.com/s/werh8j7r4jzblqp/Frederick_Stalemate.rar?dl=0 resume: France hasn't been destabilized by 7 year war, a bunch of events has been changed. Bourbon thank to Louisiana flee in New Orleans, USA Can't expand beyond Chicago and indian tribes survives in the west. Bonaparte lead France until civil war of 1919 after great war where UK and North German Confederation destroyed France and Austria Hungary. Kaiser Whillem II Can't handle German monarchy and most of his colonies are sent to UK. Chinese empire survive all like French colonies and Portugal with Denmark and Spain get bigger colonies, Italy still divided. Pictures:
  6. I have updated it however, not sure it run, it's not same map
  7. and i come back germans tryna flex

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      I am a bit confuse

  8. Make a save after West Germany is formed.
  9. I am interested by equestria
  10. mod link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WJbRviLfWNCMlikm4RkhdXcvIpBhHHfe based on alternate trees from HOI4 pictures:
  11. mmmh, china and India get more rebels groups also, there is few fixes to do.
  12. Well, finally, I will begin it but this will be hard if anyone want to help me, tell me
  13. When I will get enought time, I will begin this map, however, I have a formation from my college to do between the 15 april and 5 july so I will be very busy. furthermore, I will only free after the 7 april
  14. Yes, but I think I will do it as collab because I have too many job
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