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    I will maybe deleted the Pangea scenario for a moment. When I try to put the default scenario in config file, it don't run and I must put mandatory the testscenario from template for running, else it crashe.


    however, except Pangea, other scenarios run ?

  2. 4 hours ago, TiTan said:

    This mod does not work for me! 


    4 hours ago, Ilovethisgame2 said:

    is it finished?



    It's a very alpha version, really sorry.


    Like I am busy with other personnal work, I can't do all and I need help to find the specific software who create map via a picture

  3. 1 hour ago, Reich said:

    List of scenarios that will be in Addon +:

    1) Revised World War II;

    2) Recycled Modern World;

    3) 1939;

    4) Scenario based on the film "Chernobyl 2 Exclusion Zone"

    5) 1986;

    6) 1900;

    7) Xinhai Revolution;

    😎 The Civil War in Russia 1917;

    9) Arab conquests;

    10) 1600;

    11) The Era of the Greatest Nations;

    I have create a russian civil war but anyway, it's ok

    you can also see my cold war mod, events are bad but very numbered

  4. 3 hours ago, DudeWhat said:

    hey man when you make this map 

    I have not done this map

    I would like to over the mod map but idk how I can create a new map without error.

    I have added a new map with indications but I get alway crashes.

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