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  1. I am searching to create fictive new leaders

    for this, I need few people who know how to draw portrait


    - can be anthromorphic

    - not offensive picture

    - human not authorized, however, you can use elfs, orqus or another primates


    It will be free to use

  2. This is my main lore story, it's between 2018 and 29th century.

    here you will get complete history ( via videos also ) : 


    This wikia content few features from my lore, understanding ideologies :



    If you want to participe to my project, tell me.It will be generous

  3. Russian civil war mod 

    This is a scenario which content Russian civil war but also Turkish war for independance, here you can have the link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/n2cf098n9e70bpf/USSR.rar?dl=0


    Bolcheviks are threatening the Russian regime under white army of Denekin, old Entente members have to save legitimity of military white regime to avoid a war, Hungary Soviet republic and Bavaria are also communists states at war.

    pictures :





  4. This is my own cold war version, sorry if there is still a cold war scenario here.

    resume: After the second great war, Germany and Austria are divided. But there still communist threaten in the world and that USA need to fight.

    link (Persepolis mod dependencie, you put it in map/earth2 folder)https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8z1xog54g95tzw/coldwar.rar?dl=0

    link mod: https://www.dropbox.com/s/73fqis2ly1dl7e8/coldwar-V2.rar?dl=0


    - ~ 40 new events

    - ~ 90 civilizations

    pictures :









    there will be new events in the future, if you have ideas, tell me. I really need to learn modding too

  5. Hello there

    This is my first real scenario, based only in my own lore. It's over, but I will add updates

    resume :

    Due to many fascist rebels, most of the country's gouvernment has collapsed and EU was destroyed all like NATO.
    french and spanish government has been overthrown by despotic regimes and most of european countries has been controlled by roman social republic. Scandinavia is near to collapse but garantee to keep alliance with his allies if there is a problem ( Freedom treaty ). For Asia, the democracy was destroyed since a long time and for America, USA was completely divided and many faction groups was created.

    Fascists have also created GMO production which change human morphology and environment, but this was an serious error when this was too late. Peoples was forced to take their new life organism and when. Army has also grown with the GMO, it served for army technologies and defenses. Most of great companies in media, industry or sciences has been forced to contribute with their owns products.

    Link of the mod:


    require this for the civilizations:


    I have also other mods, I will publish some of them

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