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    I have a scenaria idea,there are the things that will happen diferent,until or if I change something it means it happened like in our timeline
    1 America is discovered by Netherlands and Japan after they unify in 16th century they discover it trought the pacific,when the colonisation is made Japan takes the coast from California to Aalasca and Neterlands the rest of the west coast (from Mexico to Chile)
    2 United kingdom never forms because England and Scotland prefer to make an alliance then they help Ireland to unify and they remain 3 independent states but in an alliance,they will ramain neutral the rest of the history
    3 Napoleon is never born,so Napoleonic wars never happen,but, in 1970 France defeats Prussia and they annex Rhineland
    4 Science France won the Erance-Prusian war they dont take any colonies in Africa,They give the rhineland region to Netherlands because they want Qubec and New England to be their colonies,Netherlands and France become close friends but France never enters in Holand-Japan Pact
    5 Liberia unites and they colonise what was french in our timeline
    6 Sience France didnt let Germany take Magniton,they unify but when the German empire forms Unites into Germ-austrian empire having control over todays Germany,Austria and Czeh republic.
    7  Bizantium never falls in Ottaman rule,Papal states unify italy,under the name of New Rome,Byzantium and New Rome arent friendly to each other but after several wars the border remains like this: New rome controls Croatia and Bosnia while Byzantium controls Serbia and Muntenegru,i think you can say they are the old east and west roman empires
    8 The situation in Russia is like in the British isles beeing a lot of divided states who help each other
    9 Sience Rusia never forms the Comonwelth doesnt form eather, Poland And Lithuania are almost always at war but the borders dont change that much
    10 Danemark and Norway make an aliance to beat Sweden,they dont unify but they remain friends
    11 China and India remain a mess until the 20th century
    12 all of oceania Is under Duch or Japanese control
    13 the Stans remain a bunch of tribes
    14 Africa:Liberian union controls what France controled in our timeline ,New rome takes Libia and Bizantium takes egipt,and Netherlands takes the rest
    15 the caraibean becomes a single country
    Postscriptum:I think I covered the whole map but if you have any questions you can ask me
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    CezarD reacted to WorldStadiums in I need ideas for scenarios (yeah, again)   
    The title says it all, I have run out of ideas to make scenarios and I want you to help me
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    CezarD reacted to WorldStadiums in I need ideas for scenarios   
    I need your help, is that I have run out of ideas to create new scenarios, I want to create something relatively new, but the ideas that occur to me have already been made, so I would need if someone could give me an idea
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    CezarD reacted to InQlumer in Age Of Civilizations II: Ultimate Overhaul   
    The mod that takes 100 years to release
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    CezarD reacted to Reich in Norrvägen | Age of Civilizations 2   
    I love @Łukasz Jakowski 
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    CezarD reacted to dawidyiy in Modern Day + Mod   
    When will the next update be?
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    CezarD reacted to HistoryFan in Map Editor - Add/Edit province in Age of Civilizations 2   
    i can't find the file for Update and i waited for 5 minutes letting file explorer find the file, and nothing is for aoc2, is there a download link i need to do this?
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