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  1. It was recently said that the new update will add a map of the Iberian Peninsula. But... That's not all. In addition to the Peninsula in the update addon will include a map of the British Isles! There are 661 provinces in this map.
  2. Сколько провинций уже готово?
  3. Age of Separatists ☀ 394 цивилизации, доступные для игры.☀ Хардкорщики могут поиграть за Казахстан, Наджран и Аляску. Страны, с уменьшенным уровнем технологий, золота, армии в начале игры. Парочка ивентов, усложняющих развитие за страны. ☀ Народная музыка разных стран Ссылка на сценарий: https://yadi.sk/d/30NopJg6dIOuvQ (64 мб) Установка: - С музыкой: содержимое архива в C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II - Без музыки: все папки кроме "music" из архива в C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II. Папку "music" игнорировать
  4. Yes, there was a plan to make a large number of countries (the scenario is made according to my favorite modification of the first part). Throw off your scenario, please, I want to see
  5. All scenarios are supported on both PC and phones
  6. Age of separatists 394 countries available to play. The scenario that adds the separatist movement. We can say the scenario for the world revolution. The scenario is in no way connected with any real events, some fictional regions (like Weishnoria) were added, for balance of the big countries were added and just regions of the countries (that there was no such that Russia or China will take the world in 10 moves). English version: https://yadi.sk/d/4VgnB_gvjyUTDw (In this version there may be some untranslated country, if found, please write) Russian version (with new mus
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