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  1. Hello everyone Dagauvs here 

    I'm currently working on an alternate world where the US never defeated the Confederates


    The US and Confederates had been in war for two more years since Britain decided to help out the Confederates by sending 100,000 troops and equipment on their side,now the US became weakened and decided on white peace which made the Confederate states independent forming the Confederate States of America. All border states are given back to the US except for Virginia since the Confederate capital (Richmond) is located there. In the treaty, Texas becomes an independent nation after a continuing support for Texan Nationalism and sovereignty, this independence sparks a revolution in an already weak United States which gave states and Indian tribes in the western half of the US independence such as California, The Shoshone, Deseret, etc. 

    Will you Reunite the once great United States of America or will you conquer everyone as a new independent state.

    This scenario starts at the year 1870 and includes the whole world so you could play as the powerful Qing Dinasty or conquer Europe as the German Empire

    I hope you all enjoy this scenario when it comes out, this is my first scenario and i'm very excited to see how it turns out 

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