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  1. Can I use this background in my future mod? It is very beautiful
  2. Hi First you install the mod, then move the folder with all the files to the location you want, then open and create a shortcut for the file "AoC2" and move the shortcut to the Desktop, it's done
  3. Are you NotRafael? Seriously, you piss off
  4. I really wanted this scenario, thank you very much, one of the best I've seen!
  5. Tá ficando muito bom, eu tinha visto lá no server
  6. It can be formed by the Guarani, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Cisplatina Province and German Brazil (another nation created by me)
  7. It is a nation that I added to the game, it can form the Sulist Empire, which corresponds to half of Argentina, half of Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, part of Venezuela, Guyana, some British islands in the ocean and Namibia. The capital is the province of Florianópolis.
  8. Hello, so, I added the Sulist Confederation (a nation located in the present south of Brazil, uniting the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul) to AoC2. Standard Civilization Flag Governments (default): Democracy = Sulist Union (Emílio Glienke) Monarchy = Sulist Empire (Reichsführer Rafael Alecio / Rafael I) Communism = Sulist People's Republic (Gleisi Hoffman) Fascism = Sulist Reich (Reichsführer Rafael Alecio) Republic = Sulist Confederation (Emílio Glienke) Horde = Sulist State (Unknown) Tribal = Guarani Confederation (Ladio Verón, the indi
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