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  1. I like investing in the economy makes people happy in that world
  2. You need to do peace talks to recruit troops and province instability is easy to real with it if you Invest in the economy which i dont think you know how
  3. There is no way to increase the ammount you gain per Turn off diplomatic points do you even played the game more than 1 second and diplomatic points reviver Over time
  4. To increase income without invading is investing in economy and investing in development are two noobs?
  5. Yeah and too if you micromanage your economy and dont be much of war monguer you wont be having that much problems and two most of the aoc2 players think that conquering the world is a big deal when their countries are just a gigantic North Korea i normally micromanage my economy to a degree like a start to micromanage the economy when i reach a goal like forming Germany, forming Italy etc...
  6. Its not dead do you know how to read he delayed the release of the demo to end of september and start of october
  7. You wouldnt get rebela if you had any semblence of and economy and if you exepted people from taxes and if putted more goods and invested in an economy and idnt why but most of the player just care about the fonte size not other factors in game like economy and population and budget and then they say its the games fault when reality their country are the similar to dictatorships with no damm economy like North Korea and probably similar to the belgian kongo and the British rag
  8. You are dumb really so the only way to increase population in the game is by building farms and increasing the goods budget second you can Change the population by the files but its not considerable because it viga the game and males the game unplayable because the economy crashes
  9. Make farms and put more budget in goods and dont care that much about and army and Invest in your economy being overpowered 11
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