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  1. help i have a problem, i was in the game when all of the sudden the game closed. No error display, nothing, Now when i run the game it closes at the very first second on the loading screen, and i only hear a "tsss" sound. PLEASE HELP
  2. hey i have a bug going on, i was in the editor and all of the sudden! the game closed!! when i try to open it again it closes again at the very second on the loading screen!
  3. is there a way to make custom maps like the kepler one? i mean, non terrestrial maps; ??? I know it must be a drill to make, and (code) but i would be pleased if someone posted a method or steps to make something like this. I could the best at the soon comming workshop if we could share different worlds with each other, If we could, here is an example on what i mean
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