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  1. Wow another great mod keep it up bro
  2. Well i dont know if you publish or not. But keep a great work bro
  3. Well no hope for that :v we will only waiting the remastered done to release
  4. You right mr @idiot the game work but the scenarios gone. mr @Simon Wilford can you add the scenarios from pc version to this android version?
  5. Still not work in my phone mr @Starkiller2002 My phone Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 os nougat 3gb ram
  6. Can you put all the scenarios please? I dont know how to put scenarios from pc version
  7. So you cut the number of map or not? Because 16k map is larger then you make a mistake like previous mod
  8. Wow great you make 2 mod version you hear the android fans 🙂
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