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  1. Why won moskowien collapse and also can Osmk unified Russia or not yet?
  2. Also why there isnt any unification event or formable when i play buryatia?
  3. Where is my chad Sablin leader portrait?
  4. Why the Ui scale is so big even i turn it down and it's still big?
  5. This is a scenario mod that focus on The New Order alt scenario not all scenario like other mods
  6. So Russia will be unified faster in 1972 scenario right?
  7. Hey i found some way to ruduce French power from a colony like we can put French indochina became a french puppet And here The flag
  8. Did u add some events for Japanese Empire too?
  9. Hey can u add a scenario <What if Roman Empire never fall?> and also i always crash out sometime after i choose scenario or zoom the map out! Can u fix it? Thx!
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