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  1. I use the lightshot and the same thing happens to me, what I do for the screenshots is to take it with Steam, otherwise I use the f5 key
  2. In my opinion the best map is the macleod in the high castle, is a mod for victoria 2 but is very detailed
  3. I do that and some sea provinces fixes but the Prov 0 and 1 are bugged
  4. This tutorial have been created from The European Map, but the install of the maps is the same process. First dowload the files required for the map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X7F17iYnNyPVYakjg_fCLWW_oXSL40od Go to the game files: Go to map, paste the png images in backgrounds, paste the map files in the folder and edit the Age_of_Civilizations.json Made a new line like this with the name of the map files: Not modified: Modified file And finally try the map. In game captures: Go editor Map editor The installed mod Loading map Loaded the map Scenarios Connections of provinces Sea provinces, my map have some bug 😛 Thanks for read
  5. Version 0.3 Original map:The firt modified map in game: The second modified map:In game second modified map: In the first version of the map, i made some provinces, all go i had no problem. I create a 8 provinces in the second version of the map, but are bugged, i tried 3 times solving but dont run good, look this: In map editor: In game: Someone to help me, an opinion or advice is accepted thanks. If you wants some files of this mod map or my game, send me an mesagge. Ideas for the future: Iceland: Provinces Version: 0.4 Some sea provinces fixed: ⚠Tutorial How to install⚠ ↓ Maybe it does not work Well, the mod is cancelled. Wait for news and thanks for see this post.
  6. Thx dude, pls make viceroyalty of new granada, of peru and of la plata
  7. I have some bugs When i play with New Spain, i dont win money by the administration expenses. Why is Denmark in the mayan territories? And nations without names:
  8. Thx now hitler can be rest in peace
  9. Yeah i was think the same, the events are more fun. Thx dude
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