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  1. Can you please give me the download file so I can convert to ---? Or can someone else do that if you need a computer to convert because I don't currently have one. I'm excited for this mod but its going to be a gigantic disappointment if you don't give an android download, thats where %90 of all players are.
  2. Simon wilford i think you should just call it hearts of history 2
  3. Could you make Canada with the territories borders? Like the borders of Ontario and Quebec?
  4. By thinned I mean not a bold line, a narrower line, like the difference between a sharpy and a mechanical pencil.
  5. Simon Wilford this map is coming along great, and its quite astonishing to me how quickly its taken shape, and this isn't just any map, if I may suggest that when making the territory borders you make them thinner and make them disappear when your 1/3 zoomed out. I enjoyed playing bloody Europe 2 and one of the things that made it very injoyable and not go stail after 1 or 2 plays is the borders for territories weren't very bold and would disappear fairly quickly, as well much like your map the territories were very well defined, even the small islands.
  6. Will there be a android beta as well as a android release?
  7. The android beta that is currently available has the 99% freeze problem, if you have an updated version could you please link it to this page?
  8. I can't wait till this is in beta! Will it have custom scenarios?¿?
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