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  1. What version of java is this made with? I uninstalled my old java because it kept crashing at 37% when I started it, and now that I reinstalled java, it just doesn't do anything when I try to open the file. I'm thinking maybe I should use and older java version.
  2. But like hoi4. Maybe you can just turn it off in the settings before you hit play, and even then you can only get them super late game unless you cheat.
  3. You probably get a billion suggestions, but I think putting in nukes would be cool idea. Thank you for carrying this game.
  4. ooo I got to try that soon. Good job!
  5. No, I just used translate just encase it would be easier for him to read if he couldn't very well in english.
  6. Download Link - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lbiQB3lcgKVeo_sY8JuUYs9JnTFHvEqw?usp=sharing (Comment if it doesn't work for what ever reason.) This is my first map. It includes 4 scenarios. - Austria - Swiss Invasion/Split Austria - Division Of Biggest City's Austria - Random Civs Austria - Allied Occupation Of Austria
  7. Does it immediately kick you when you enter the game, or does it kick you when select your custom map? Czy kopie cię natychmiast, gdy wchodzisz do gry, czy też kopie, gdy wybierasz własną mapę?
  8. Hmm.. This is just what helped me, but I used this guide - It may have something you missed.
  9. As simple as it is, I found that the resolution of the background is very important. My map would not work because it like 326x239 or something stupid like that. I made a new map background that was 1920x1080, and that fixed the game to not crash every time I opened the map. Tldr, make sure your backgrounds res is above like 1920x1080, or else your game will crash when you try to enter your custom map.
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