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  1. So basically, im trying to install a mod called Project Alpha and when I copied all the files and all that, I started the game but it just updates the game and reverts it back to completely unmodded aoc 2. Like I watched the UI files change back to the normal ones instead of the ones I put in there. Is this like a common problem? If so, is there a fix? I'll post some more info if needed.
  2. This is probably not the problem as far as I know, but what OS are you using? Like windows, linux distro, mac, etc
  3. Im making a WW1 scenario for fun and to learn a bit more about the wat and am trying to make the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand show up for every country as an event (Its only Europe thats in the map), and I don't really feel like or have the time rn to go through every single event that happened and add it singularly for every country. Would be a big help.
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