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  1. It's seems to not working I tried both BE2( VK) and BE2(Forum) and does try to rename them too but it's not work
  2. How to combine code of 2 differents mods? Ex: Age of Imperialism + Bloody Europe II
  3. Idea: make a new government, which is very rip off your vassal power, it will be the default ideology that given to when you release vassal
  4. Is events will come as an update?
  5. 2.duplicate the scenarios and remove all the chance events, like HOI4 Historical focus mode=)))
  7. can you add events wich has a chance to appears Example: Nationlist Spain vs Republican Spain 2% Chance that German Recih and Italy will cancel the Lend lease of Nationlist Spain add that will be more great, i guess?
  8. You don't know right, in PC, You still can do it, You need to copy your scenario want based of(located in your Map/Earth/scenarios), then using other tag on it example: in ADDON+, Modern War Scenario tag is ModernWorldDip, so you'll using random tag like lmao, then open the scenario, see all of them are ModernWorldDip_A, ModernWorldDip_HRE, ModernWorldDip_INFO, etc remove the old tag and make sure you didn't remove INFO, HRE, etc using the new tags on all of the file you see in the scenario(rename it in the events folder too) except preview, make sure to do that or the game will
  9. puppy

    Capital Siege

    So there an tips that when you occupied all provinces around the Enemy Capital, they'll not get supply from capital, all of they army will die each turn cause of supplies -But in my game: i test it, played at Germany invade France(like WW2 lol) Siege it Capital, i turn off the fog of war to see did France Army is suffer cause of not supplies. Yes, THEY NOT SUFFER AND THEY STILL GET SUPPLIES Hope someone will write an answer
  10. can you change Scenarios name? -WW2 Begins 1939 to Blitzkrieg 1939
  11. Why i siege my enemy capital but all of they army get supply?
  12. I doing that and can join the game, but.. i can't pass turn, and if i click diplomacy mail the game will glitches
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