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  1. I can't edit for Android (for now) ­čśë
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I will work on the script
  3. This scenario is about 1947 Europe. Realistic Civilizations, Minorities and 4 separate events are in this scenario. (This scenario is only valid for Conqueror's 1.5.1) 1616424911618xrbflvlr.rar
  4. this scenario is about the Iraq war. Turkey, Russia and Serbia were added to the new ideology road 1607701147767xdcqurbg.rar
  5. Bu senaryo, Osmanl─▒ ─░mparatorlu─ču i├žindeki ├╝lkeleri, az─▒nl─▒klar─▒ ve ├Âzerk devletleri i├žermektedir. Ottomanic Countrys.rar
  6. Bolin


    T├╝rkiye: ─░smet ─░n├Ân├╝ ABD: Harry Truman ─░┼čte olanlar ─▒ kn ow
  7. So─čuk Sava┼č sahnesi (UPDATED) * SSCB'nin D├╝┼č├╝┼č├╝ * Var┼čova Pakt─▒'n─▒n D├╝┼č├╝┼č├╝ * Almanya Birle┼čik * Ger├žek├ži Mutluluk Oranlar─▒ * Ger├žek├ži Teknoloji Oranlar─▒ ve di─čer ETK─░NL─░KLER !!!! New update has arrived! With this update -Soviet Union dissolution organized -Yugoslav wars updated (only enabled if Yugoslavia is played) -German unification updated -Warsaw pact dissolution organized 1580692879323tosngofo.rar
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