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  1. Woah, what a golden scenario you've got there.
  2. Well certainly not you, but some people out there (including myself to some extent) are really pedantic about everything that small things like these actually bother them.
  3. I only use plunder to destroy successful enemy provinces along with manually destroying the buildings i.e farms, workshops etc., but I do agree that plundering should bring more cash considering the destruction that it ensued.
  4. It gets pretty repetitive when every alliance name revolves around "Grand Sphere International" and what not. The ability to modify alliance name isn't one of the most needed additions to the game but it'd be nice to do just that :^)
  5. SLiCK_Mx


    Only a few hundred kilometers from the equator is where I live, here in Java. Most would have no idea what snow even looks like.
  6. As of now, rebels don't really pose a significant threat to its host nation since they usually spawn with a few dozen units in a few provinces with no ability to recruit and expand its army. I think it'd be great to have rebels actually being challenging to wipe out instead of it merely taking 2 turns. Maybe by allowing the rebel government type to recruit from occupied provinces, and a potential for neighbouring provinces or even your own army to side with the rebels, if the stability is low for instance. Also being able to start a new game as rebels would also be interesting, to say the leas
  7. SLiCK_Mx

    Some ideas

    The game already has Kekistan, and as you may have guessed, with Pepe as its leader. You can use it in the scenario editor or when releasing a vassal.
  8. As long as a state is your vassal, I think it is only logical that the vassal complies with all your demands. Vassals must remain vassals. This is quite irritating as well since my vassals keep rejecting my peace offers when I'm at war; to the point where I just stopped calling my vassals to war altogether.
  9. Development level determines the effectiveness of your economy. I'm pretty sure it's a modifier in calculating the income you get from a province. So it's best to make sure that your provinces are well developed. Also it affects your rank scores.
  10. You can just change the country name manually after changing your government type, but a way to set the defaults would also be great.
  11. Let's be real, Fascism is objectively the best government type to play as for almost all circumstances. >High acceptable taxation >Perfect balance between acceptable goods and investments spending >Bonuses for income taxation and production >Reduced military upkeep and increased defense bonus All these bonuses and literally no down sides other than slightly disliked by other nations, unlike other government types that are crippled with so many negative effects. There's no real reason why you would even think of not playing Fascism unless it's for roleplayi
  12. Prestige To calculate the final score, the game uses a for loop for every province that you own/ occupy, meaning that it applies a formula to every province which is as follows: p = 2.25 * (0.125 + 0.875 * Growth Rate) * (0.785 + 0.215 * Technology Level) * Core * (0.375 + 0.625 * Development Level) With the Core modifier being circumstantial, if the province is a core province then the modifier is 1.0. Else if it isn't, the modifier is 0.475; and the technology modifier having an upper bound of 1.0. Now the final prestige score is as follows: Prestige = Σp + 17.5 * Te
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