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  1. The possible reason for Spain's Civil War would be... After the Nationalist Victory in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), the fascists kinda kicked the Carlists and Nationalists from power, creating discontent among the state. In 1960/62 the other factions rose up against the rulling fascist party and thus started the Second Spanish Sivil War
  2. I'm already planning to work on the Second Spanish Civil War after I'm done making the first Russian Warlords paths! Have a little look on how the war might look like
  3. N E W C H A R A C T E R Eva was an Franco-American spy who infiltrated in the German Army to gather info and send it to her American leaders and partners... She, while in the Wehrmacht, was a high ranked SA-Commander, so much so that she was given authority over the French State. Even tho she was mostly unsuspected by many Commanders, Thirteen never had a good opinion on her and constantly warned Shop Soy and his friends to be careful about her... They ignored him mostly, not because they thought he was lying but because they were at war with the Allies and the Comintern at the time
  4. N E W C H A R A C T E R General Lyx. Embassador of the USSR in Germany during the 30s and 40s, leader of Sverdlovsk after the collapse of the USSR.
  5. hello am take rise china make remake start add event pre 2022

  6. Some of them yes. But you see don't expect many civs to have leaders because I already have to create more then 100 Characters to make custom leaders... obviously some of them will be generic leaders but I'll still have to draw and digitalize them
  7. All the German Warlords have been made already... However, many flags are only placeholders that will be updated in the near future :]
  8. Portuguese Português sorry I just noticed that somehow it translates to "english versão" and I have no idea how
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