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  1. I have 198 flags saved on my computer for this mod- Obviously I didn't make all of them and it'll be really hard to credit every single one.. Sorry about that 😕 But still HOLY FUCK I HAVE 198 FLAGS SAVED ON MY PC FOR THIS MOD ALONE I already had 900 or so flags saved on my pc and now I have 200 more Jesus fuck I have a problem-
  2. Well I can't just ignore the project... I'll have to start the whole mod from 0 but this time should be easier since I already have the many flags for the extra civs and also the icons for the ideologies. I may remove or replace some ideologies this time! There are a few ones I'm not too happy with Heil Shop Soy!
  3. I need a break... I'll have to start the mod all over again. The civilizations, the formable civilizations, the scenarios, everything... But it's alright, I just need to take a break and remake everything. Next time I will make more saves to assure something like this doesn't happen again Heil Shop Soy
  4. I'm going to have a fucking meltdown over the province editor So buggy, so shity Fucked up everything again Can't fucking delete a province Have to start again Hate it hate it hate it Can't give up yet Can't give up yet Can't give up yet The end result will be worthy
  5. Okso.. If you're diving a province into two, you gotta delete the province first in the editor but be carefull because once you delete one you cannot go back, you'll have to delete the editor and download it again or if you have the win.rar you can just unzip it again once you got the two provinces done, you'll have too see in the Game what's the number of the province you deleted. For that you'll want to go on "Editor" then "Map Editor" then on the map you want to add the province, let's say "Earth" and then on "Connections and provinces" If you divided a province into two, one of t
  6. I wanted to remake the extra provinces so I made a copy of the vanilla game and remade some of the provinces... I then tried to move the update map to the old game but since there were less provinces and they were in different numbers the scenarios were not working anymore
  7. Due to a grave mistake I'll have to make all the scenarios again :') Not giving up yet! What's a mistake but a chance to learn?
  8. There will be a couple of new scenarios in the next update! (maybe 3 or 4) There will also be new civilizations, formable nations and other stuff. Sadly, I don't think there will be any new provinces... I'm actually thinking about going back to the vanilla map and make the new provinces again, but I'm not so sure yet. Here are some of the new scenarios :]
  9. 🎶 It's been so looong since last I've update the link to this mod's page, the mod behind the slaughter 🎶
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