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    Aoh 2 2.0

  2. Shop_Soy

    Aoh 2 2.0

    Hey I hope it's not asking much but could you please make the 1942 borders of the General Government? And maybe the RK of Belgium and Northern France borders as well if you can
  3. Of course man, just look into the previous posts... I'm pretty sure I shared the background files already
  4. I don't know how to use discord but thanks anyways
  5. How does the leader changing mechanic work on PC? Does it even work on PC? Because It's not working for me, do I need to change something in the files or...?
  6. Hey guys, sorry to inform you but due to reaal life inconveniences such as "my dad showing up out of nowhere without being invited and taking away my laptop and phone and not giving me an explanation why" I won't be able to update the mod until I get my old stuff back... I'm using a device my dad didn't knew I had but this one makes it 100 times harder to do those types of stuff. I hope this gets fixed as soon as possible so that I can update the mod again (and have access to the weeks if not months of work I had in those devices) Heil Shop Soy
  7. Yesterday was my 16th Birthday, so to commemorate that date I decided to let out a demo for the mod 🙂 It currently has 192 custom civilizations made for the mod and a couple others made for fun, there are two scenarios about the mod for now as well Download: https://mega.nz/file/2zRT0aKa#ZyGRWEksBza961myJAByBUV1wn7j4596W-uejk6pivc Happy birthday to me and Heil Shop Soy!
  8. Okay so... I updated the mod so now it's 1860 instead of 1870. I would love to show you the pictures but I'm having problems finding a good site for posting the images (I'm having troubles with Imgur not letting me post for some reason, I read what the acceptable files are and my pictures supposedly follow all the rules but it just won't let me post them...) I've also made a simple plan for the Coalition Wars and the Peace Treaties. Just don't worry, I'm still here, and I'm still working on it.
  9. I hope to release a demo very soon! I've made huge amounts of progress so it shouldn't take too long 🙂
  10. Thank you really much! I've done huge progress so far, and I hope not to forget about it as well :]
  11. "Bonjour, ma chère Mabel, j'espère que cette lettre vous trouve bien... Je suis sur le Rhin combattant les troupes prussiennes, je suis bel et bien vivant, mais tu me manques tellement. Mes généraux me demandent quand je vais épouser une princesse, je ne sais pas comment dire que je sors avec l'infirmière hehe. J'ai hâte de te revoir ma chérie et de t'embrasser tous les jours du matin au soir. Mais pour l'instant je resterai dans les territoires germaniques à la tête de ma grande armée, jusqu'à la prochaine fois mon amour. XOXOXO ~Empereur Tredecim" ( NOTE: This was translated
  12. Why am I only allowed to post a f*cking 0.13kB picture??? How in the actual f*ck am I even going to get an image that small??? Is the site running out of space or is it my computer??? Whatever... I made quite a lot of new civilizations such as: - Brittany - Two Sicilies (French Puppet) - Helvetic State (French Puppet) - Flanders-Wallonia - County of Flanders - County of Wallonia - German Empire - French Republic - Royaume de France I was going to post a picture showing the color change from Republic to Empire to Kingdom in France but for some God damn reason the
  13. HhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHh I haven't been updating anything f*cking school sorry- Smoll update to the Mexican Civil War tho, and I'm starting to add some new civs for the game too I'm sorry for the a*s quality, for some God damn reason the site won't allow me to post good pictures anymore... ;-;
  14. I don't remember ever saying that but hum sure I guess I could make it an Easter Egg
  15. There's still a slim chance for them not to be kicked in the ass by the Mexicans XD
  16. "France leads in Europe like usual, our only threats are those pesky Brits and the Germans... The Russians? Heh. They are way too poor to be considered a threat to France's glory! The winter however, that's the only thing we have to fear about Russia. However... It seems that our campaign in Mexico has been hum... A bit more difficult then we previously expected. This campaign is starting to get way too costly for France, and I'm afraid we might have to pull out from this one..."
  17. Already worked on that! There won't be many tribes tho, only a couple Somali ones for now... Maibe one day I'll make some more, that's something I'm actually considering 🙂
  18. The new mod's page has been created! I'll be posting there now, but any questions made here will be answered here 🙂
  19. Welcome to Vive La France!'s official page! I know the name is probably being used by someone else already but I don't know what else to call it- This happens in 1870 and France, led by Tredecim Bonaparte, is at it again! The other European leaders are concerned about Thirteen's (Tredecim) irredentist policies and tensions rise when France and the Netherlands invade and partition Flanders and Wallonia... Is it possible that after almost 50 years Europe was about to see another coalition? DEMO: https://mega.nz/file/2zRT0aKa#ZyGRWEksBza961myJAByBUV1wn7j4596W-ue
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