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  1. I have Game Tuner so if I terminate backround I do not need it is smooth on max resolution and fps I have Samsung S7 btw
  2. It is not in android/data, you have to navigate all the way back to "/" and find data folder, then app and then you will see base.ap.k which you need to open with mt manager..but even then it will not work unless you find a way to sign that app..I tried and failed
  3. Basically I am looking for a way to download scenarios and play them on android, with combination of mt manager and ap.k extractor I managed to add ww1 scenario I downloaded here but it did not show up in the game which makes me think that original base.ap.k in data/app/aoc2 is the ap.k that needs to be signed so I can alter it..however when I attempt to do that I get EACCESS error, anyone got any experience with this?
  4. If I have root, how can I proceed to install scenarios please?
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