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  1. what??? is this freakin game dead , ohhh .. man ! hes a bitch
  2. @Deniz Sahin Akkaya WHAT? sorry ....but i dont understand you language can you please talk english sir?
  3. @Atal i will add festivals , eg. Diwali , Holi , Eid , Christmas , Easter , Gandhi Jayanti and Republic and Independence days tooo
  4. @Atal ya , my mapping work is done but i have to put all the governers and cm all that stuff of the states
  5. i can add rewa to uttar pradesh but singuraili is in madhya pradesh
  6. @Atal thanks bro , i never hopped that anybody will see my post , and talking about sikkhim i know i messed up because the province of sikkhim (real life) is not given in game so ya , and talking about all the things i messed up because i made this map by lookin at the google maps , so ya some things are really messed up
  7. I have been working on Indian Map of 2020 , It will contain festivals/events and every state's governor and every states relations with other ones , some of the districts have been added to India frictionally by me only . Note the map is not 100% correct / accurate . NOTE - 90% of all the flags are frictional . Edit - The files are lost , you should use this map made by me - Because this id was lost by mistake so I made another id and made the map again .
  8. hey ! i will like to get this map , when you are gonna launch this map for public , i want to play this , thanks you good luck ! ,
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