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  1. well like duh I was saying I put scenarios that I made on it. So its relevant and don't tell people what to do please.
  2. I have created many scenarios in the past but now I created a YouTube Channel! it is called SonoranKing Check it out and tell me how I can improve! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCERRdqtwUrsOr6FZT4mOFuw
  3. it is called "SonoranKing" Check it out!
  4. Update coming soon remember to download the event pictures that are in my club page and what else should this mod have to make it better.
  5. Where should this mod go in the future, what would you guys like to see in this mod?
  6. Rember you have to download the civ folder
  7. Have a start date (the year your scenario starts) also have the trigger on "and"
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