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  1. Light update added 3 events and edited some!
  2. yeah I know right, its really gay
  3. Next Update will add more events and a lot of detail to the British Isles😄
  4. put all the Civs in the games Civ folder
  5. okay thanks I will post a civ folder for all my scenarios
  6. Does a mod work with out a civilizations folder if you made custom civs?
  7. Added the Civs folder. sorry about that
  8. Does it not work without civs folder?
  9. It has been updated!!! But man that took a long time to do xD
  10. Almost ready for Major Update Release!!! xD
  11. Yes I am working on that now! I have an event for The communists to reform the US and the American union State to reform the US.
  12. Yeah that's a very good idea !
  13. Mr.Hitler

    Rising Sun

    memososisi check out my other mod "From the Ashes" it is way better than this one.
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