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  1. Mr.Hitler

    Future Plans

    I am finishing up a new scenario called: Birth of a Nation this scenario starts when the first states secedes December 20th 1860 and from their many events unfold and it leads up to the Civil war. As for my other mods they will be getting event pictures for most of the events. My scenario Death of a Nation has more detail to the Canada event string and a Mexican one will be added. Many foreign nations will now support the side that they want to win. The rebel peace deal has been updated so it is now more smoother. Adding many flavor events of when a major city gets captured with pictures. Expect these updates soon and thanks for down loading my scenarios!
  2. I made a club with all of them
  3. This is a Fallout universe scenario but its the whole world it has only a few events but more will be added soon Download:1542876382491tlvprewq.zip Civs:Civilizations.zip
  4. What do you guys think about this mod and what needs to be done
  5. Updated added a bunch of new stuff!
  6. What do you guys think about this mod and what needs to be expanded
  7. Light update added 3 events and edited some!
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