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  1. Update coming soon remember to download the event pictures that are in my club page and what else should this mod have to make it better.
  2. Where should this mod go in the future, what would you guys like to see in this mod?
  3. Rember you have to download the civ folder
  4. Have a start date (the year your scenario starts) also have the trigger on "and"
  5. This is based off the show The Walking Dead. Its pretty bare bones right now and I guessed a lot and put some extra civs in there for fun If there's anything that is missing or needs to be changed let me know Version 1.1 Added Terminus, Woodburry and Oceanside also changed a few things around to make it more realistic 1562468190184njlkbikc.zip civs.zip
  6. Event pictures.zip Make you put it in the right place under events in UI
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