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  1. well like duh I was saying I put scenarios that I made on it. So its relevant and don't tell people what to do please.
  2. I have created many scenarios in the past but now I created a YouTube Channel! it is called SonoranKing Check it out and tell me how I can improve! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCERRdqtwUrsOr6FZT4mOFuw
  3. it is called "SonoranKing" Check it out!
  4. Update coming soon remember to download the event pictures that are in my club page and what else should this mod have to make it better.
  5. Where should this mod go in the future, what would you guys like to see in this mod?
  6. Rember you have to download the civ folder
  7. Have a start date (the year your scenario starts) also have the trigger on "and"
  8. This is based off the show The Walking Dead. Its pretty bare bones right now and I guessed a lot and put some extra civs in there for fun If there's anything that is missing or needs to be changed let me know Version 1.1 Added Terminus, Woodburry and Oceanside also changed a few things around to make it more realistic 1562468190184njlkbikc.zip civs.zip
  9. Event pictures.zip Make you put it in the right place under events in UI
  10. A much more detailed civil war period with many flavor events. Start date is December 20th 1860 before the war started Check out my workshop on the clubs Paige for the event pictures Download:1560297282938hjpgbwrb.zip
  11. I am finishing up a new scenario called: Birth of a Nation this scenario starts when the first states secedes December 20th 1860 and from their many events unfold and it leads up to the Civil war. As for my other mods they will be getting event pictures for most of the events. My scenario Death of a Nation has more detail to the Canada event string and a Mexican one will be added. Many foreign nations will now support the side that they want to win. The rebel peace deal has been updated so it is now more smoother. Adding many flavor events of when a major city gets captured with pictures.
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