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  1. I would probly make a 4 catagory system econimc system cratical dictoriship democry ect and secerlsim
  2. Ok so i kind of relize parkadore and padora was way to big so i am splitting them up but i cant think of names for the parkadora countrys i translated names of pardora for the langues cor north pardora (france) i put la nouvelle ruplique de north pardora please submit flags and names
  3. in realtà non parlo italiano così bene è bello vederti anche io al cento per cento sono d'accordo che è l'italia in inglese a chiamarlo italy
  4. Hey your that itialain guy i saw afew minutes ago Ehi, quel tuo italiano che ho visto pochi minuti fa
  5. Ya so considering your my frist commenter do you have any ideas or peoblems with my ideas
  6. Woth all the typos im gling to have to pretend of polish
  7. v2 of AOANT2 I fix some borders change the government to there right types and made all the small indo islands waste land made smaller Mississippi colonies for south America and change polska's flag after finding out its p is a orthodox symbol and swapped colors for indo union AOANT2IB V2.zip
  8. I screw up i had to unistall the game and my scearnrois are gone so i have to remake AOANT eltric boogoloo
  9. Paperball ideas (lore) Fasisct germany devolped and tested a 1 megaton nuke 50 miles or 112 kilometers of the coast of kahaven near the neatherlands The eu was replaced the un at the end the great war and fails do to outside wars Europe got involed in The us and ussr get into a war into at in may 10 of 1950 but after 2 months of war the us and ussr declared a treaty when news got out about the nuclear testing and the ussr seized alska The uk in ecnomic ruins and with the citezens growing parnoid of nuclear war sold the falklands for the nuclear arms and minrals such as oil and steel One of the wars that Europe got involed in would be a youglslavain like momvment in cyprus to unite the arbians in a rebalin turn war aginst most of the middle east then (undecide eropoen countrys) gets involed Paperball ideas are ideas i toss around if anyone has anything to say about the scenario serously let me know i dont have any idea if these work im not sure of the civs transfer and everone is starting to use rar files for some reason Also im considering prequals For before the nuclear world war 2
  10. casual sun

    2 bugs

    Just go back to the editor then save then the civ will be fine i dont know about the second one though ithnik you press a key you can disable civ names with v and cities with c it my ne b i cant check my thing will not load
  11. Sorry ify engrish is a bit bad im mostly going to be coummanacting through my phone but i do make scenarios on my pc
  12. currently these is my first few scenarios really there's no back story behind them I made these for fun. if you like these and want to guide the direction of part 3 or have any criticism just comment the full names of theses scenarios are a age of a new time and a age of a new time 2 industrial boogaloo it would help if you told me what happened when you played because over my 7 games of part one decide some of the locations of provinces for example wales always colonizedI celand and germany always colonized the feroe islands if you want to add any in game lore you can so far heres the basi i made An alterntive eu broke up in 1942 world war 2 never happend but Germany did have a fascist dictorship but hitler did not come into power and in in 1950 the nuclear bomb was devopled and arms race broke out and in 1956 a nuclear war broke out and all. Of the super powers fell in 1957 and and finaly in 1960 society its self died out currently in AOANT civilazatoins have emeged and are in a bronze age like time notes any thing in world war one did happen AOANT.zip AOANT2IB.zip
  13. Just reiilazed your profile pic.was the riechtangle thats nice
  14. So can i just change were the page is
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