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  1. AoH community is so wholesome

  2. I made a Community in Gamejolt for AoH! Join it: https://gamejolt.com/c/aoh-7e6irn That's it for today :3
  3. Hey guys! I made a Gamejolt Community for AoH! https://gamejolt.com/c/aoh-7e6irn

  4. That's something I learnt from videos but I mean the style and edit of provinces for example
  5. @Simon WilfordI'm trying to make a map, would you have to time to tell me if I'm doing it correctly or what should I improve? Here's link:
  6. Ello! I was streaming today and I added almost 20 new provinces. I've made borders of Jurovia and Johanca completely and I've also done venostan borders. But I mainly made sea provinces now. That's it, stay ready.
  7. Hello guys! I just updated some stuff and made almost 50 new provinces, take a look: Regions that are already done: Venistan, Venestan, Ukrevol, Slovakoria, Slovakioria Also, borders of jurovia/johanca are done, but not on 100%, I'll have to fix some stuff
  8. Helo! I started to make a map in AoH2 called alavida. I'll be also adding a lot of scenarios, that's a thing! Don't forget to follow to never miss an update!Background: PROVINCES: 126 | Plan for provinces: ~1000 Done regions: VENISTAN, VENESTAN, SLOVAKORIA, SLOVAKIORIA, UKREVOL, MARTINOVIAN NEW KINGDOM, MARTINOVIAN GUINEA, SUCHOVIA Done borders: JUROVIA, JOHANCA, VENOSTAN, MARTINOVIA, VENOSTAN KINGDOM Undone regions/borders: STANOVIA, SCANN', ZUZANOVIA, ZELAVIAN EMPIRE, RETWONIA, MAURITOVANIA CONNECTIONS: 0/?
  9. why is it so hard to make it?
  10. I always wanted to make a mod but the map maker lags a lot, how did you fix or manage to fix it?
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