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  1. oh right it's new year.
    happy new year!

  2. Kingpvz

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    it's private wtf
  3. Live Stream on My youtube channel http://youtube.com/kingpvz
  4. DoH 22 3 month since last update, but this time it's something big... I will say the release date! But first, what's new? 9 New Scenarios 22 New Nations Updated few Scenarios A lot of Leaders Besides that, I would like to announce that next day of history will be the last one while the game is not released! So yep, release date: next friday Thanks for being with me and goodbye for now!
  5. Who would say that the day when a new time table gets published will also be the worst day this year...

    Nvm, I got 8 hours in one day and that really makes much less time for this ;-;


    But I will try to release Age of Alavida this year, not sure how it will go though.

  6. is almost september again... you know what that means

  7. Here i'm just doing some promo about my music stuff, pls go like this song it's imo the best one that's not hardbass

    Thank u ❤️

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