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  1. Close all discussions about demo. This is just a demonstration of everything we managed to do during these one and a half years of development. It does not pretend to be taken seriously, there is still a lot to be done.
  2. now. only North America remains to be done and all tribes can be applied to the remaining medieval scenarios
  3. we will finished other scenarions of late ancient (1-476) and new and newest time (1453-2022). After of this we will release mod
  4. Little news, but the mod is not dead! I try to do something from time to time, but since I am just a poor Russian student, there is very little time and motivation, and there is a lot of workload ! But the main hardest part of the work has already been done, I think, over the course of the New Year (Christmas) holidays, we will finally present you the completed Middle Ages
  5. well, this month was dedicated to tribes, I will show screenshots soon. Sorry for the delay in release, we try to work out the scenarios as efficiently as possible to every little detail
  6. Done in the last month • Antarctica has received a redesign of the provinces for more aesthetics (I hope you have not forgotten about its existence yet) • Worked out early Arabian clans, as well as some other Arab and Turkic states • More provinces were received by South China and Southeast Asia (you may not notice, but there really are more of them!) • Processing of the ancient principalities of Southeast Asia • A huge number of new tribes in North America, Central America at the stage of processing • Global processing of Slavic tribes (WIP) • A bunch of oth
  7. Helo sorry sometimes i forget that i have a mod page on forum
  8. i make mod very hard i make 769-1309 scenarios i make many arabian and other tribes and rework india
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