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  1. hello @Aryani was wondering about an event in the game. the "Thermonuclear war" event. i don't know how to activate it (i know that i need to be the Grossdeutches reich, Japan or the USA). if you maybe know how to activate it, reach out to me. (i know that in the HOI4 mod u need to get the bomb)
  2. i would like to play kaiserreich
  3. It isn't only modern stuff but I'd advise NOT to put speed turn all the way down if that keeps happening so it is way faster but it happens to me but I'm not stressing
  4. Well u can imagine your own or stuff thing haha funny press space.
  5. There is a mod to fix that.
  6. I think we need like a HOI4 unit style where we can see the units fighting and under them the number of units
  7. So go in sign in and click the "forgot my/your password" and then do the steps
  8. YYT4

    Capital Siege

    It isn't every turn.the troops will start to die later on like in 4 or 5 turns. It will prob take less time for then to die if u play on 200 speed.
  9. @Mostafa u can only spectate in the options thingy in order to have a AI game but other than that no
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