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  1. Ive got a bunch of maps WW1-1912 WW2-1936 Cold War-1950 1549007413175zwlbzbjt 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_A 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_C 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_D 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_HRE 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_INFO.json 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_PD 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_W 1549007413175zwlbzbjt_E 1549282336218qipeojtk 1549282336218qipeojtk_A 1549282336218qipeojtk_C 1549282336218qipeojtk_D 1549282336218qipeojtk_HRE 1549282336218qipeojtk_INFO.json 1549282336218qipeojtk_PD 1549282336218qipeojtk_W 1549282336218qipeojtk_E 1549614329022rdynogwp 1549614329022rdynogwp_A 154961
  2. ive got a WW1 and WW2 scenario made already. On the aoc1 map. in case somebody wants em. Note. Its on PC 1549007413175zwlbzbjt.rar WW1 1549282336218qipeojtk.rar WW2
  3. BumBUm

    WW1 [UPDATE]

    romanian border is weird. its too T H I C C
  4. i remember seeing a post of a aoc1 map with cities on aoc2. and then it disappeared like my pride after i couldnt find a next page button on the mods section.
  5. no seriously there is over 300 mod and i cant find the button that says next page pls help. i even tried editing the url and i failed pls help.
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