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  1. vendex_thegreatest

    AoC2 No Longer Compatible

    all i can suggest is to download it from another source.
  2. vendex_thegreatest

    Economy Bug

    i am facing have the same issue. The only way to solve it is to abandon the province and buy it again, then work on improving the economy as soon as possible, which is a costly technique. This glitch needs to be changed as soon as possible. It is hard to improve the economy while this glitch is present
  3. vendex_thegreatest

    Provinces stuck at 99 Economy

    I dont exactly know why this occurs, but it is a problem that is hard to get rid of, and affects a lot of provinces. This glitch affects me on every game i play, no matter how much i invest on each province, the number will not change. The only way i found to solve this problem is to abandon all the provinces affected by this and rebuy them continuously until the problem is solved.