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  1. It does, your probably not doing it correctly
  2. To demonstrate this bug, im going to create a scenario in 5000 BC with population at 65,000 starting population and 32,000 starting economy. Im going to pinpoint on this specific province, "Sapna". there is 26367 people and 5012 economy along by 0.24 development. Now im going to cores, population and changing the province to 80% serbian and 20% bosniak. Now that this is saved in, the population of the province "Sapna" Has dropped significantly, losing more than 20,000 population. The population still remain predominantly bosniak when its not suppost to, and montenegrins weirdly
  3. recruit soldiers to drive the population away.
  4. As i play this game i command my troops to march to enemy borders/front lines and as they get there, the armies disappear! i dont have a clue to why this happens. this happens randomly and at any province. This is very fustrating especially when i command a massive army during a war. Sometimes, this glitch makes me lose wars, which demotivates me from continuing to play the game. This is a very bad glitch that really does need to be fixed ASAP.
  5. You have to delete it by going on game files.
  6. Can you get rid of the heavy metal crap and use music more on-topic to ww2? (Music made during those times relevant to different countries and ideologies, during war or pre-war times)
  7. Yes you can! You can buy increasing growth rate, or editing terrain types and increase population growth on a certain one. By doing this, you can improve it up to 95%. You can also make growth rates faster via editing Ages.JSON in age of civilizations game folder.
  8. Title says it all, need solutions for lag issues, which i have unusually been experiencing lately.
  9. this is a useful concept but hard to make it work, could you show us how to use it via a video tutorial? it would be much more understanding
  10. Will there be any updates or anything? where is the steam workshop that was promised, I love this game but i don't like this painful activity of yours right now

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    2. SUDAMXX


      Hahaha the photo xD

    3. 11:59 Development Team

      11:59 Development Team

      Seriously, we want answers. What is Lukasz doing? Why have there been no significant updates since release aside from compatibility with other operating systems and devices? Where's Steam Workshop? Will the Event Editor ever be fixed so that text doesn't simply run off the page (cough word wrap isn't that difficult to add in cough)? Find out more at 11.image.png.0880e7252dadba12053f6c301e308138.png

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      Is he  Lukasz ? He is handsome, isn't he?

      I think he has been spending time  having a date with his girl friend.

  11. Try and locate the steam folder. It should be in a Program Files folder
  12. I know its possible as i have seen maps in the forum that features functional ones, but how exactly can you get it to work? every time i try to
  13. Outcomes are like choices in a event, make sure to add them
  14. @Comrade JP is there a way to change it without making a completely new civilization?
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