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  1. maybe add spanish civil war? or fascist spain?
  2. now.... why did i pay money for stellaris when i could of got this
  3. England is good, along as you keep scotland and france on good terms, (or invade scotland and keep france on good terms it's fine) but you might need a little experience
  4. Hi! My first post here and I want to make a community map, any suggestions for a country please specify by Naming the country (New or old) What place it is in How many colonies (if it has any and where they are) Ideology (Make it custom or not, idm) And if it's a new country was flag you want to have, jsut describe it or maybe a new flag for an old country, I do not mind Please be serious with your country and don't make it huge, largest size I can do is size of China Also I am making on HRE, if you tell me where you want it (first person) that is where it i
  5. I liek the polish name 🙂
  6. I just downloaded it and then redownloaded it, the countries still have numbers
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