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  1. oh god, it looks AMAZING
  2. This is the Islamic Invasion mod, Arabia has been unified by the Rashiduns. the Byzantines and the Sassanians have fought a long war. The Frankish King has died leaving his empire fractured. In India, the Pushyabhuti dynasty rules the North with an iron fist. In China, the Tang dynasty has replaced the Sui dynasty. In the Americas, the Huari-Tiwanaku empire flourishes. Where will YOU play in this time period? -two events- An event which gives the Rashiduns +40000 gold each turn while they are at war with the sassanids and romans till 659. An event which causes Tang to lose 1% ha
  3. manavsep

    565 AD Mod

    Guys. I added some events and did other stuff to Ozhan Bicak's 565 AD scenario. pls tell me if you like this scenario. :3 Events - - rise of Islam - byzantine/sasanian war - Lombard invasion of italy Download link- http://www.mediafire.com/folder/9p1q7tsi8jvxy/Gokturks Goodle drive- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qyOHnPHhMBCc8JaJ_IVT6J2CLflvS2AI?usp=sharing
  4. in the scenario called "waymancy storm to Hyperspace war" ,the scenario crashes at 7003 BC , the screen flutters and the time stops, Everything completely freezes.
  5. manavsep

    Roma Invicta

    Bro Thanks so much, Bro I w=always wanted ancient history scenarios and you made them GOLD BLESS YOU!!!!
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